How to clean a rusty cast iron skillet

Rusty cast iron skillets can give a horrible sight in your impeccable kitchen or dissuade you of making one of your favourite dishes. But this problem has easy and permanent solutions.

Many of you might find yourself staring at a dirty rusty cast iron skillet without knowing what caused it or what to do about it. Well, if you have the habit of washing the cast iron skillet with water and soap and then letting it air dry, then you will surely find the skillet covered in rust. Soap and water are enemies of cast iron.

If the skillet is washed with water and soap, then it must be dried over a warm stove to prevent rusting. However, if you find that your cast iron skillet is covered with rust, then you can clean the rust off with a simple technique. The way out is to put about 2 tablespoons of salt into the rusty skillet and then rub the salt against the surface of the skillet by using a freshly cut potato. The moisture in potato is sufficient to keep the salt sticking to it. By persistently rubbing in constant circular motions, the friction from salt will remove all the rust from the skillet surface.

But if you plan to buy a new skillet, then you needn’t let yourself be discouraged by the thought of cleaning it. Instead, you can season a newly bought cast iron skillet by rubbing a solid oil all over its surface and then warming it in an oven for at least ten minutes. The skillet should be allowed to dry in open. This will form a good coating over the cast iron surface and prevent rusting. A seasoned cast iron skillet needs only to be wiped, and not washed, after its use for cooking.

So using and maintaining a cast iron skillet is no longer a difficult task. Your skillet can be kept sparkling clean by using the right cleaning and seasoning techniques.

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