Hormones in women

There are a lot of problems budding these days due to the hormonal imbalance in women. Hormones play a huge role in determining the emotions and feelings of a woman. This plays a huge role in the starting of menses, ovulation, fertilization, pregnancy, child birth, lactating time, and menopause. Thus the play of hormones starts right at the puberty and continues throughout her life.

The main hormonal difference between man and women are the estrogens and progesterone. These are not present in the male and these help the woman protect from a lot of diseases. Once a woman reaches her menopause this hormone no longer secretes and man and woman become alike. This estrogens hormone help the woman body ward off a lot of deadly disease like heart attack, cholesterol etc.

These hormones are produced with the commands of other hormones that are secreted in the head. To know about this chain reaction and to gain an in depth knowledge about the hormones of women, go through this video!

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