Homemade hair oil

Here is a recipe to make fully organic hair oil at home with very simple ingredients.

Coconut oil is used as base oil, which is found very nourishing to the hair. The other ingredients needed are fenugreek soaked overnight in water, curry leaves and deseeded gooseberry (preferably the smaller ones). These ingredients are thoroughly mashed into a thick paste and kept overnight. This mashed mix is used for preparation of oil.

The coconut oil is heated in a kadai over a low flame. The mashed mix is added and stirred initially. The mix is not further stirred but is allowed to season the warm oil on low flame. The flame can be turned off when the bubbles in the oil settle. The oil with the kadai should be kept aside to cool down. The oil alone can be filtered out using a cloth as filter once it is cooled enough.

This oil reduces hair damage, nourishes the hair, moisturizes the scalp and improves hair growth. Now that you have a good aromatic natural hair oil for your caring head massages, you can save spending on expensive hair oils available in the market.

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  1. Kavita Ravi says:

    Thanks for the video. Wonderful tips.

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