Home remedies to improve breast milk/lactation

Who knew the garlic we use in everyday cooking could possess special powers to improve the breast milk of new mothers? Yes it is a fact known to early men and here is a video describing a special preparation with garlic to improve lactation.

The basic ingredients needed are around 10 cloves of garlic (slightly slightly), 100 mL milk and 400 mL of water. The slightly crushed garlic is tied in a muslin cloth. This muslin cloth should be tied to a small twig (with sufficient length). Pour the milk and all the water into a kadai kept over medium flame. The twig with muslin is kept across the edge of the kadai so that the garlic tied in muslin is immersed well in the liquid. Now the milk-water mixture must be boiled until the whole volume reduces to the 100mL milk taken initially for preparation. The boiling might take even up to an hour and would need half the time afterwards for cooling.

This 100 mL milk can be consumed as a bedtime medicine after dinner once a day to improve lactation starting from about a week after delivery. If required, the dosage can be increased up to twice a day by consuming additional 100 mL of this milk after the breakfast.

So here is another hoe remedy for new mothers from the land of ayurveda.

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