Herbs for remedies

Haven’t you felt, you grandma always had a secret recipe for any ailment that you come up with in your childhood? These recipes are nothing but the effects of the medicinal properties of various herbs that we see around each other every day.

Grandmothers knew them well and use them wisely, and with time, the secret got lost! Now, for a simple cough we go running to a doctor! But now, we reveal a few such herbs that have medicinal properties and is easily available at a nearby market! The ones provided in this video can easily cure up to 30 of the common medical and skin that we see around us in our everyday lives.

Two samples is provided here:

  • Premature greying
    1. Curry leaves
    2. Fennel oil
    3. Triphala
  • Indigestion:
    1. Ginger
    2. Garlic

For the rest of the cures go through the video!

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