Heart Diseases

The discussions about heart and heart diseases and other lifestyle diseases are all never-ending. Though this video too discusses various matters in the same domain it takes a completely different perspective.

How successful is man now. With the technological and mechanical developments pushed to unimaginable limits, man is living at best of luxurious times. However, the lifestyle of man, humanity in general, has become so unhealthy that we have also been successful in generating a bunch of new dangerous diseases called lifestyle diseases. When the cause of these diseases are the lifestyle of common man itself there are hardly any options other than to change the lifestyle we adore for a healthier living condition. Though most of us are all bearers of these diseases or at least are part of different media which restlessly chatter about these, we fail to notice the common path to which these diseases take a person to- heart disease.

Heart is a marvel of nature’s engineering, a sophistication that man has not completely mastered to engineer, we have made it wear like any other common machine/gadget we use in everyday life. However, heart is quintessential for life and we must take care of it steadfastly.

This video takes a very positive yet fresh look at health of heart and how lifestyle diseases ultimately lead to heart diseases.

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