Healthy Diet for Pregnant Women

Pregnancy is that point of women’s life when she has to take care about anything and everything she does. Women tend to sometimes overdo things like food, rest etc. This video explains about a healthy diet for pregnant women and how to maintain it.

There is a misconception among many people that when pregnant, they need to take in food for two people. Doctor suggests that it is appropriate for increase in food intake up to 350 calories and only that much is essential. Excess weight increase is seen in today’s pregnant ladies due to this excess intake of food and this often leads to post pregnancy weight gain.

Proteins should be included in optimum level. Iron and calcium should be taken care of while having and should be given importance. There are foods that also need to be avoided and myths that surround certain food. For eg, Myth – papaya should not be taken. Reality – Raw papaya contains acompound called papain in it but ripen papaya doesn’t contain; hence it is ok to have ripe papaya.

Big fish need to be avoided, as there are chances of mercury poison being present in deep sea (big) fishes. During the first tri-semester it is advisable to have food rich in vitamin A. It is advisable to split food into 5 -6 times and have, and avoid having food late. For brain development of the child it is useful to have almonds during the evening.

The optimum weight gain pattern during the tri-semesters can be said as 3 kg, 3 kg, 5 kg. It should be kept in mind to be as active as usual, unless specially advised by the doctor for bed rest, for a normal and easy delivary.

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