Hand reflexology to improve sleep

Feel soaked in tiredness even after a good long sleep? Feel your sleep has not been effective enough for the past some time? Not sufficiently relaxing? Well here are some hand reflexology tips that could improve your sleep experience.

Reflexology is a type of physiology which advocates that there are some reflex areas on our limbs and stimulating these in proper manner could help us improve our health in a very natural way. And hence, as you might have guessed, reflexology methods can be used without anyone else help and even when you are at office or travelling!

The hand reflexology methods described here for improving sleep would take around 5-10 minutes. To begin with, you need to spot your diaphragm line on palm, which is generally the line running across your palm just below the padded area below your fingers. Gently massage this area moving from one end to the other, progressing slowly, very much like the motion of a caterpillar. This way of massaging, the caterpillar motion, will remain same for the other reflex points discussed below. After giving a couple of rounds of massage to the diaphragm line, move on to the spine line. This line is same as the bony edge you feel along the side of your thumb from its base to the tip. Gently massage up and down along this narrow bony road for couple of times. Then move on to the other flatter portion of thumb and massage up and down from its tip to the bottom. This is basically the brain reflex zone. Gently massage the tip of the thumb as well as the centre of the padded area at the end of your thumb (basically the portion you use to give a thumb impression!).

Moving on, find the acupressure point known as percardiamate by folding your fingers and spotting the region of your palm (near to diaphragm line mentioned above) where your middle finger meets. Gently apply a pressure there and hold on for a minute or more. Similarly, follow your bony edge from the tip of your little finger to the base of your hand (near your wrist) and apply pressure there also for more than a minute.

So that’s it folks, these were some non-clinical easy-to-do reflexology steps for you to sleep deeply . Happy snoring…

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