Growth aspects of children

A tiny tot in the life of a married couple is certainly a bundle of joy that comes into their life as a symbol of their love. Parents watch their children like hawk during their growing years to make sure everything is happening on the right time and to keep checking for any sign of abnormalities. This also results in the negative side where due to extra worrying, parents become suspicious even if a normal / naturally occurring phenomenon occurs a little late.

There are a group of paediatricians who are now focusing on these aspects of child growth. These paediatricians help the parents by giving them right guidance and care to the child as and when needed. Doctor talks about how a to-be mother needs to be carefully monitored and taken care of, how to care a new born and how to assess its well being.

There a lot of doubts, myths and facts revolving around this problem. Go through the video and get enlightened!

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