Give her a quick end

In bedroom play, generally it takes a longer time for woman to have to reach the ultimate point, while the man reach quickly. It takes a lot of effort from the man’s side to let his woman feel the highest peak of satisfaction. What not do they try to give their woman this special feeling

Well we give you three positions that are guaranteed to give her that very quickly – I stress on the words “very quickly”. Why, do you ask? Normally when you thrust up and down during the bed play, it does give her full satisfaction but it actually doesn’t activate the right region in her body. For instance, when the woman is on the upper part of man, she doesn’t move up and down; instead she moves her body in a grinding manner, which activates her special point, giving her a higher sense of satisfaction.

Just a few tips to note before trying out these postures:

  • Communicate to each other what you actually wish to do, and that both of you are up for it.
  • Right amount of touching is required to excite her properly before actually going for play
  • Lift her body slightly with a soft pillow or cushion to elevate and open up her body for deeper movement and better play.

And the most important of all, Have Fun!

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