Food for your eyes

Eyes are precious! They help us see the world, see the goodness and the greatness all around us. So it is our task to care of these delicate darlings with as much love as possible. American Optometric Association states that “adding of nutrients may save your vision”. Now what does this mean?

Let’s take a look into the video to know more.

Ophthalmologists suggest improving the nutrient content in our food for a better and long-lasting vision power. These days, more than half of the kids wear glasses, the condition of the elderly is worse. Why are we in such a state? Our ancestors had the power to see various planets with the naked eye, and here we are not able to identify a person standing 500 meters apart.

What is the reason for this change? Our food and lifestyle play a major rule in affecting our overall health, and in this case, the eyesight.

Go through this video, to know how to tackle this problem and to maintain a proper eyesight for a long period of time!

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