Flexibility exercise for better bed play

All ladies, here is an super topic brought to all of you who like to make your bedroom moments better than your fantasies and for those of you who are crazy about workouts that keep your bodies special. Intriguing? Here are some body flexing workouts for you lovely ladies.

You can use any kind of special footwear of your choice for this. You can do the workout on a mat laid on the floor. Get on the mat on your backs and then raise your hips and gyrate your hips in slow circles. Raise your legs and stretch them to either side like a split! Bring them back vertically straight and then swing one of the legs about the knee. Alternate the leg for swinging giving both your legs fair chances. Raise your head a bit with your hands tied behind it (fingers tied behind head) and then raise the legs in air and give them a cycling workout. When the legs are closer to body try to keep them vertically upright. Bring one leg at a time, alternatively, very close to your face with the help of your hand to pull it. Do these in gentle passionate way. Try loosening your body and let it bend and twist without any stiffness. Keep breathing well as breathing is very important in flexibility workouts. If you cannot get something right the first time, it is ok. You can slowly work on them and improve with every workout.

Another set of workout includes you kneeling down on your hands and knees, your knees parted apart. Gyrate your hip and lower back in very suggestive motions. To go up a level, slide on of your legs, outstretched, across the floor in a semicircle and kick back towards your leg! Sit on your folded legs and move your upper body and heads in gentle gyrations. Another variation is to lie on your side and raise the leg on the top straight up into the air. Give some circling motion to pep it up a bit.

So ladies, try out these special moves to warm up your special side.

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