Flat tummy

Feel shapeless with your plump tummy? May be not a six pack, but at least a good abs? Ok then. Here are four exercises that challenge to shape your abs by doing them for just 5 minutes a day.

The first one is an improvised version of crunches. Lies flat on your back, with your head resting on the palms of your bend up hands, and then slowly raise your upper part reach the knees with your elbows. In normal crunches the knees are usually folded up. In this improvised one, it is preferred that you stretch your knees while you lean back to the ground every time. Remember to not to allow your head or heels to touch the ground anytime during these crunches.

Move on to the legs-up. Lie flat on your mat and stretch and slowly raise your legs vertically up. If you find difficulty in repeating this, fold the legs a bit at the knees as you raise them.

Bicycle crunches can help workout the sides of your abdomen. Redo the same crunches as before with the only difference being that one of the legs should be outstretched while the other knee is raised. You must twist as you bend up such that the diagonally opposite elbow meets the folded knee (while the other leg outstretched). Repeat this like a cycling action.

Lastly, the planks. Balance yourself on your lower arms and toes, with your whole body straight and stretched, as if preparing to do push-ups. Let your whole body remain raised and supported by only the limbs while your tummy resists some gravity. Towards the end of planking, rock your body forward and backward, on your limbs, for around 10-15 times. A 45 seconds planking is considered good enough.

So that is all folks. These much is the only workout you need for some sexy tummy. Get on to your mats and feel the tummy burn!

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