Fish amino acid

Fish amino acid is an organic liquid fertilizer. The name organic surely does boost your confidence in the quality of the food we will be getting. Fish amino acids not only helps to ward off the pests, it also helps increase the productivity of the plant naturally.

This is prepared by using sardine and jaggery. The method of making is explained below.

Cut the sardine into fine pieces. Use jaggery in same quantity as the sardine. Mix both in a jar and keep it in an air tight container. Make sure to mix these contents in the jar in between. Remove the gas that forms during the fermentation process of sardine and jaggeery by opening the jar’s lid.

After a time gap of approximately one month. Sardine will seem like it is completely mashed and melted into the mixture. At this point of time, using a net, filter the contents of the jar. The proper liquid that is obtained after the filtering is called as the ‘fish amino acid’.

The bits and pieces of fish that are left back act as a great manure for the plants.

So now that you know to make fish amino acid, use them in your garden for having better and healthy plants in your home.

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