Eat healthy at work

Anybody, who asks us why are you not having healthy stuff, our prompt excuse would be “I am working, where is the time?” This will not work anymore! We provide you with a way to stay healthy by eating healthy foods at your work also. No need to compromise your time, you can stay busy at work as you please, just take care of these few tips and stay fit.

Tip 1: Avoid fried items and bottled juices

Tip 2: Avoid soda in any case

Tip 3: Order grilled sandwich, roti and subzi in place of pizzas and burgers

Tip 4: Bring raw fruits, vegetables, ground nuts, dried fruits from home to have as snacks.

Tip 5: Eat food at regular intervals (approx 4 hours)

Tip 6: Drink tender coconut juice, butter milk or lemon juice during regular time.

Stay hydrated always! Follow these rules and enjoy a fat free healthy lives!

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