Drink away to lose weight

Did you know what you are drinking actually makes you put on weight? No? Then go through this video to actually know what happens when you drink a lot of fluids that are not natural! Actually what happens is that these drinks contain extra sugar that is not needed by the body! According to the American heart association, women should not take more than six teaspoons of added sugar per day and for men the limit is 9 teaspoons. Any extra sugar will simply make your body bulky and give you a bad health!

Many of you may say yes, that you do know soft drinks can actually make you put on weight! But you may be drinking since you are not able to find an alternative for such times!

So we present to you a list of such drinks and a suitable alternative for them.

  • Soft drink – iced cappuccino
  • Energy drink – Coconut water
  • Warm day drink – Green tea
  • Hydrating drink – Butter milk
  • Stamina builder – Beet juice

And more of such list is mentioned in the video, go through it and get slim!

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