Do this 2 step before going to bed and see the magic

Koreans are known for their glowing skin, which is achieved through a unique regimen. It’s a bit more extensive than what you’re probably used to, which can seem daunting at first. With Korean beauty moving to mainstream markets, it’s safe to say K-beauty is making a major mark on the west. And now, the “7 Skin Method,” a multi-application toner technique, is the latest K-beauty craze to make waves on the Internet. What exactly is the 7 Skin Method? Well, to put it simply, it’s the act of applying a toner or a lightweight, watery essence to your face up to seven times hence, the name “seven” right after you cleanse and before you moisturize, if you’re wondering why it’s called 7 “Skin” Method, in Korea, toners are commonly referred to as “skins,” meaning the literal translation for the 7 Skin Method is the “7 Toner Method.”


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