Diet for Diabetes

It is a familiar fact that diabetes is a lifestyle disease. So the solution to diabetes is given straight on plate- change to a healthy lifestyle. This video summarizes all that needs to be attended in daily life so as to control diabetes.

The culture of fast food and unhealthy diet has ruined the health of general public across all ages. It is important to have a balanced diet with sufficient grains, fruits and roughages to lead a healthy diabetes free life.

There are yoga solutions to have better control over diabetes. There are different types of asanas (postures) in yoga that help accentuating the pancreas and blood flow. This will have direct effect on diabetes. Pranayama exercises are breathing exercises included in yoga. These pranayama are very effective in maintaining the health of all our vital organs. Anulom-vilom is a pranayama which is particularly found effective against diabetes.

To remain stress free and avoiding negative attitude are helpful in controlling sugar level. Again yoga could be helpful in remaining stress free.

Mudras like ‘surya mudra’ are other options offered by yoga in keeping up with a diabetes free healthy life. This is also found effective against cholesterol, obesity, indigestion etc.

Yoga is generally urged to be performed in empty stomach during early morning or evening. However, it is recommended to diabetic individuals that they have a fruit or a glass of milk etc before yoga so that they do not suffer sudden drop in blood sugar.

Stop fighting diabetes only with tongue numbing medicines and adopt healthy diet and yoga practices to live a healthy and content life.

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