Diet Chart for weight loss in 07 days

Who doesn’t want a perfect body shape? This video gives a simple diet plan. Follow this simple diet and see great results.

Start everyday with 2 glasses of lukewarm water and half lemon. Have breakfast after 15 minutes.

1st day – For breakfast, have as much as fruits you want. Make sure you have only fresh fruits and avoid canned fruits. Have fruits at regular intervals. For your lunch, have a tomato sandwich and an apple. Finish the day with fruits again. Since you are completely on a fruit diet, your body will feel good and fresh. Make sure to avoid sugary fruits like banana, mango, grapes and figs

Go for vegetable diet the second day. It provides essential nutrients, fibres and vitamin A and C. Breakfast should consist of fresh fruits and 1 glass of skimmed milk. For lunch and dinner, have raw, steamed, boiled, stir fried or roasted high fibre vegetables. Add black salt, soy sauce or vinegar as per your taste. Avoid potatoes, corn, coconuts and soybeans.

For the third day’s breakfast, have fresh fruits and skimmed milk. Have both fruits and vegetables for lunch and dinner. Day 4’s breakfast, have 1 boiled egg and a glass of fresh fruit juice. For lunch have fibrous vegetables, lentils and cup of brown rice. For dinner have vegetable soup and green salad.

Day 5- for breakfast have a glass of skimmed milk and an apple. For lunch, have a bowl of greens and a bowl of sprouts. For dinner, go for a bowl of vegetable soup and roasted or steamed vegetables. Day 6 should start with boiled egg and a glass of fresh juice. For lunch have a bowl of brown rice, vegetable curry and sprouts. Finish off the day with a bowl of soup and a bowl of greens.

The final day, have fresh fruits and a glass of skimmed milk for breakfast. Have green salad and a bowl of sprouts for lunch. Finish off the diet with a bowl of steamed, roasted or stir fried vegetables and a bowl of soup.

Do not stay hungry during the diet. Have any amount fruits throughout the day or 4-5 low calorie fibre biscuits to ease your hunger. This truly works wonders for your body and leaves it fresh and healthy.

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