Deviations in Bed Room Play

Any activity except the normal type of bed play between a man and woman can be included as the deviation. The million dollar question in this is what is considered as normal play. Clinically, the union of a man’s organ with that of a woman’s organ is considered normal. Anything other than these including self act, act between two girls and two boys are all considered as deviation.

Religion has always been contemptuous about these special types of play. There are explicit condemnation in religious scriptures and historical records of violent actions against who followed these acts. Clinically, however, it is understood that the l behaviour in special circumstances, especially in a growing up stage, can be seen less seriously. Young men or women growing up in hostels are popularly known scenarios associated to this. If such interests or behaviour is seen to persist even after these individuals grow into adults then these are seen as strong deviations which are generally not approved by society.

There are other kinds of deviations. Some people enjoy giving pain to their partner and gaining satisfaction out of their pain while some other people attain similar satisfaction when they are hurt painfully. These kinds of deviations can grow to dangerous levels such as the pleasure urges the individual to kill his/her partner during bed play act.

In medicine, all kinds of deviations are understood to be psychological problems with individuals. These psychological problems are caused due to incidents that happen when an individual is very young, a child. Misbehaviour with a child will leave marks in his/her mind. These will develop and take forms of deviation. All parents must be careful about children mingling with strangers. More seriously, parents must be aware and guard their children from being exploited, especially by members from within the family.

This brings us to incest, which is another disgusting form of deviation. Why generally incest is prejudged as disgusting is because it is mostly forced and disrespects normal biological family relationships. Incest attack on women is seen to grow rampantly in India, even within educated and civilized populations.

Mouth act and act on black hole on back are also considered abnormal. Magazines, pictures and videos are presently popularising these kinds of adventures. The kind of idea which these fixes in the mind of youngsters is that these kind of bed room play act is normal. However, these are also equally abnormal.

The most important kind of deviations is attack of women without their consent and thus affecting the person physically or mentally. This is considered very heinous act and a very crucial social issue. People who indulge in this act are equally psychologically deviated like other cases mentioned above. Considering the social issues associated with this act, such person must be convicted also treated.

There are many more kinds of such deviations and an awareness that such people roam about in the streets is necessary. The general motivation should be to help such people.

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