Cultivation bejewelled ladies

Look into the life of two homemakers who turned their invaluable boring time to create something extra-ordinary right in front of their home. They envisioned creating it and they achieved it! How one turns from an ignorant woman to an elite lady by not thinking just about one-self but about others well is clearly seen in the eyes of two ladies.

One started fish farming to save their lives from misery and debt and is now a master at it, so much so that not only she is doing a flourishing business but to the extent that many cultivators from various states are demanding for her consultancy and expertise in this farming.

The second home maker started a vegetable garden to spend the time she is alone and is now at the state where she is not only self-sufficient but is able to spare for the citizens around as well! She markets her produce in the local market when she has extra, which is quite often. This lady started as a novice in the field and started farming with know-how’s of a few television shows and hearsay knowledge. Now she is an award winning farmer in the city.

Get a closer look of their life and passion through this video!

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