Cholesterol reasons

Cholesterol is a life style disease that is rampantly spreading among people without any boundaries like age. The video discusses various reasons causing cholesterol broadly classified into domains of lifestyle, state of health and other uncontrollable factors.

The reasons causing cholesterol which actually form a part of our lifestyle are consumption of fast food, lack of exercise to the body, overweigh or obesity, consumption of alcohol and chain smoking.

Other health related factors which cause cholesterol are the occurrence of other diseases like diabetes, hypertension etc. Hyperthyroidism is a common cause of cholesterol as it reduces the natural ability of the body to metabolize cholesterol. Some other liver related diseases are also seen to cause cholesterol. Persistent kidney diseases can also cause cholesterol.

It is generally observed that the deposition of cholesterol increases with increase of age. Cholesterol is also proven to be inherited genetically from a person’s parents or family.

To keep cholesterol under control consumption of alcohol and smoking must be stopped. Food items containing significant quantities of fat or cholesterol must be avoided. Healthy habits can keep cholesterol under control if not completely cure it.

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