Child and husband – tug of war

Though a new born may bring a lot of joy and celebration to the family, it may also become the reason for frictions between husband and wife. Any man would be happy to become the father, but the distance they feel from their wife cannot be handled so effectively by them.

Many husbands even feel jealous because of the care their new born gets, and not them. To them, they were having the spot light in the life of their wife, but all of a sudden, this little bundle of joy has stolen it all. It is advisable for any couple to stay away from any play with couples in bed activity for at least a period of three months post delivery. This is so because the mother’s body parts would heal completely and go back to its original shape and size only after an approximate time span of 90 days.

Any bed play activity may prove dangerous to your partner and your kid! Know how!

Go through the video for more details!

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