Care for your hair

Hair strands are such delicate parts of our body, which if not taken care of will become brittle, dry and break off. This causes split ends in the hair. Dandruff these days are a huge problem. The cause of dandruff varies from heredity to environmental pollution. The foremost and the most important thing we can do are to protect our hair by taking care of it the proper way.

What are the most common problems faced? The prime most is dandruff. Next comes hair fall, followed by dryness, dullness, split ends etc.

What is the proper way of taking care of hair? Hair spa is a great way to take care of our hair in general. The spa treatments are specific in attacking various types of hair problems, and the hair specialists take care to choose the products in such a way that it doesn’t damage your hair.

But for those who don’t want to visit the salon, there are things that we can do at home. You can either get the salon products to home and do the spa yourselves or use home base materials to treat your hair. One such great thing is CURD. Curd softens the hair and moisturizers it. Another ingredient is EGG. Egg helps in rectifying split ends, smoothens and adds shine to the hair. It also helps in giving volume to the hair.

For details, go through the video!

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