Breast Cancer:

Breast cancer is a seriously discussed disease which is indeed a dangerous form of cancer itself seen specifically in women and (obviously) affecting their breasts. The risk and spread of breast cancer has soared so high that it has become a widely studied and discussed disease across international platforms and have seen even Hollywood actresses like Angelina Jolie and Lisa Ray coming forward to create awareness about the same. Here is a video discussing breast cancer in detail which is highly recommended considering the lack of proper awareness about the same.

Breast cancer is seen as a lump in the breast of a woman. This might not be externally visible but could be felt by palpating with hands. This cancer is a silent villain to womanhood as lumps due to breast cancer are generally painless and thus cause women to easily ignore this. Doctors advice regular self- examination of breasts to find any lumps. If these lumps are found not to disappear after normal periods, it is recommended to visit a doctor without ignoring.

It is important for women to know more details about breast cancer given how common it is being found in contemporary women. International agencies like WHO consider spreading awareness about breast cancer is the need of the hour. Hope this video too contributes to that

Saving a woman is like saving an entire generation. So, all you women please do take care of yourself while taking care of your beloved ones.

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