Breaking the myths about Diet

Diet is so commonly used by almost all the people, but there are a lot of myths that surround this ‘diet’. Everybody today is both beauty and health conscious and hence diet plays such an important role in today’s life.

Dieting is normally associated with weight loss, but it is not so. Dieting is also used for well-being and also for maintaining a constant weight. There are three main factors associated with diet.

  • Time – When and what are we eating. The biological clock in the body expects food at certain times and if it is not given at proper time, the same nutritional effects will not be received by the body.
  • Quality – The quality of food we are eating is highly important. We need to be conscious about what we are giving to the body.
  • Quantity – How much we eat is the third and possibly the most important thing. We eat for hunger and we eat for taste. We need to know the difference and there by stop eating,

As a general advice, eat at small intervals rather than having huge servings after long gap. For more tips, look into the video.

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