Bottled Drinking Water a Silent Killer !

During Summer Days we can’t resist drinking water as our body needs water for producing energy & cleansing impurities. But these days we tend to drink Bottled Drinking Water – Mineral Water.Nowadays it is easy to buy mineral water from next door grocery store or from online portals like amazon, Walmart , homeshop 18 etc.

If you get to know the natural mineral water disadvantages then you may not drink this bottled drinking water. The mineral water bottle which are manufactured at mineral water plants or plastic manufacturing factories has harmful chemicals which causes the harmful diseases described in this video. Re Using Mineral Water containers which comes from mineral water bottling plant causes dangerous diseases to several people.

There are rumors about mineral water and kidney stones these rumors may become facts if the bottle which carries mineral water exposed to sunlight for a long period of time. Watch this short video to know about the disadvantages of consuming mineral water from these places & also learn about tips to avoid reusing of plastic bottles / mineral water bottles.

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