Come let us enter into a world of nature’s wonders. Look at this guy, who has dedicated his time to develop this magical medicinal forest that spans over half an acre. This forest is based in Kerala, where a man belonging to a ancestral medicinal family has collected plants from in and around Kerala to create a wonderful medicine palace.

He not only grows medicinal plants, but makes sure to know about them in detail and tries to find out how the local etymology of the plant was created. He also finds it amusing to collect various types of the same plant and finds how each varies in its properties from one another. For any visitor, he intends to make sure along with the awe; they get knowledge as well. He has written all the local names and the scientific name of each of the plants he has.

He doesn’t believe in creating a specific area for the plants, instead wishes for the plants to be and grow free. Look into this video to know about this wonderful man-made forest and the maker more.

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