Belly fat reduction

A size 0 belly is a dream that everyone has, but only a few possess. A bulky belly is definitely a put off. It affects your body shape, makes you less attractive, and most importantly destroys your health. Instead of attacking a specific region in the body, it is always better to reduce the overall body fat.

These exercises provided target the belly fat, and help you reduce your belly. If done properly you can start seeing the results within a week! But if you have any health related issue, it is better to consult your physician before attempting these exercises.

Any exercise should be done on an empty stomach, and preferably during the morning or the evening time. It is also equally important to stay hydrated before during and after the routine. It is best to practise any exercise on a mat rather than the floor.

For the specific set of exercises given, no extra equipment is needed. All you need is a mat and your body weight. So let us get started!

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