Beet Juice for Superhealthy Blood

Beetroot is the tap root position of the beet plant. No part of this plant is left untouched. Leaves, stem and the root, all play an important role in both beauty and health segment. From a fairer skin to a cancer free life, beet helps.

This video gives away such secrets of beet and how it helps us. Beets helps lower blood pressure, increases stamina, purifies the blood, improves cardiovascular health and reduces inflammation in the body.

Beet can be taken raw, juiced or cooked. But the raw pressed beet juice produces the maximum health enhancing benefits. When juiced, the nutritive contents are highly concentrated and hence this juice contains substantial amounts of antioxidants, natural nitrates, iron and a lot more contents.

Beets have been used since ages to cure a variety of ailments related to digestion and blood. Drinking beetroot juice daily helps reduce blood pressure. Unlike the carcinogenic synthetic “sodium nitrate”, the nitrates present in beet are natural and they help reduce and maintain blood pressure level by converting the nitrates to nitric oxide.

Beet juice helps maintains stamina and can be used when dieting and while exercising. It also helps reduce hypertension and its related conditions. It also prevents the damage of blood vessels, thus protecting from strokes, blood clots and other heart diseases. They may also be useful to prevent colon cancer and dissolve kidney stones. It also detoxifies the liver.

The list seems to be almost endless. Beet can be used in any form, but as mentioned above, if juiced, one can gain the maximum out of it. “A cup of beet juice a day, keeps a lot of doctors away!”

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