BBC Reporter Attacked By Lemurs

BBC Reporter Attacked By Lemurs

The video showing BBC Reporter Attacked By Lemurs while he was reporting his story. Alexander Dunlop The BBC reporter Attacked By Lemurs while he was in Banham zoo to shoot his new story about animal count.While the camera starts rolling the BBC News Reporter Alex Dunlop aka Alexander Dunlop was mobbed by several Lemurs in the Zoo

The video showing BBC Reporter Attacked

This video about BBC reported mobbed by lemurs in on viral charts on the Internet. Alex Dunlop The BBC News reporter states on his twitter account that “Give our BBC online team an inch and they’ll take a country mile (no lemurs were hurt in the making of this movie“.

The videos showing lemurs attacking & biting BBC News Reporter is so funny that Alex Dunlop Himself also said lemurs goes viral !

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