Baby growth inside tummy

Every lady at least once in her lifetime wishes to feel the life growing inside her. She nurtures it and loves it with all her life. She would lie awake all day and night to feel her baby grow inside her, kicking at times. Oh! That feeling is unexplainable for anyone. It is certainly one of the most precious moments in her life!

So let us take a look at what actually happens with the mother’s womb during these 9 months or the 40 weeks of pregnancy.

Pregnancy period is split into three tri-semesters. The first trimester is from week 1 to week 12. The second is between week 13 and week 26 and the final is from week 27 to delivery. During menstruation, the wall of the uterus is shed as there was no successful ovulation. But when a women becomes pregnant, the uterus wall is not shed instead thickens enough to hold the baby. Thus once pregnant, women do not get menstruation until delivery.

The video explains the major parts of the body that actually holds the baby until delivery.

To know more about how your baby grows and what happens inside you, go through the video!

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