Azolla cultivation

Azolla goes by a lot of names including mosquito fern, fairy moss, water fern etc. Azolla is very small in size and resembles duckweed and mosses. This super plant captures the fertilizer it needs to grow from the air around it! The statement “size doesn’t matter” seems to be made just for this fern.

It helps in cleaning out the soil in farming region; it avoids a lot of insects from breeding, protects against the rapid climate change, can be given as food for poultry, and is awesome to eat. Wow, that sure is a lot of benefit to be reaped out of such small thing.

What special equipments do we need to cultivate this? Well, nothing! All you need is a shady place, large enough to cultivate the azolla you wish to. Whatever the length may be, dig a trench 15 cm deep. Put a thick 150 gauge plastic sheet over this trench. Apply a coat of good soil over this. Pour a mixture of cow dung and mussoori paste in that. Fill upto 8 cm with water. Put 200- 250 gms of azolla in this water.

After a week or so, the entire water will be filled with azolla. You can choose to do what you wish with this!

For usage and maintenance, go through this video.

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