Avoid pregnancy

Pregnancy can be a huge boon for expecting parents, but at the same time it can be totally shocking news to couples who are not ready yet. These couples normally use artificial protective measure to avoid pregnancy.

But these artificial protections have a lot of negative side as well – Ranging from allergy to partner resistance. This video gives a brief time span where the couples have intercourse without having any artificial protection and no or less chances of becoming pregnant.

Given a menstrual cycle of women, during the first 7 days and days 20 to 32, doctors say that there is hardly 0- 5% chances of getting pregnant. During 8-10 and 17-19 days this chances becomes 40 – 60% and women is semi-fertile. A woman is most fertile during the 11- 16 day time span of her menstrual cycle.

Follow these chart and you have a safe period to avoid pregnancy without any artificial protection.

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