Aloe vera hair straightning

Girls, you must have thought that only beauty products could be all natural? Well, you are mistaken. Here is one young girl who reinvented the whole hair-straightening process to make it all natural. This saves your hair from all the harmful chemicals that are sprayed on to your hair while straightening. This will let you do the straightening at home without much expense too.

So, she advices us to use aloevera gel for straightening. If you are the impatient kind then you don’t even have to spend time preparing the gel. One long leaf of the aloevera would be sufficient. It needs to be washed and the sides must be cut neatly. The easy way forward is to cut the leaf longitudinal along its flat side such that you get two similar pieces, each piece having a green cover on one side and gel on the other side.

For straightening, the hair must be little damp and it needs to be combed neatly out of locks. Then the aloevera gel can be applied to the partitioned portion of hair that is to be straightened. The hot straightening can be applied in multiple passes to get a smooth shiny straight hair.

She says that the aloevera technique yields straighter hair than beauty clinic straightened and also remains straight longer. Aloevera is a widely accepted herb with many good properties.

So ladies, here is something exciting to try out and save your money and hair.

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