Acid Reflux / Heart burn – Top 3 Natural Home Remedies

If you feel burning sensation in the chest, sore throat and a sour mouth, then you are surely suffering from acid reflux or heart burn. The term heart burn is quiet misleading as it does not have anything to do with heart at all. Rather, the more appropriate name for heart burn being acid reflux is a condition when the acidic gastric juices produced in the stomach for digestion is secreted excessively by the gastric glands.

This condition is imminent if a person smokes a lot or consumes alcohol. However, heart burn is also a normal yet discomforting result of erratic eating times and consumption of spicy and oily foods. Women can suffer from heart burn also during pregnancy period.

Heart burn can be prevented by avoiding food items with vinegar, black pepper and tomato ketchup. Chocolate is also found to aggravate acidity. In order to prevent acidity, it is very important to stay away from the major contributors like carbonated drinks, caffeinated drinks like tea or coffee, alcohol and smoking.

If you suffer from acidity, chewing 5-6 basils leaves after every meal could help in keeping it under control. In case you are hit by a sudden bout of acidity, chewing a piece of clove can reduce the discomfort. Drinking cold but plain milk can chill your stomach. Cardamom can be used for quick relief. Two pieces of cardamom shall be ground nicely and then boiled with 250mL of water.

Consuming a solution of one teaspoon of baking soda in warm water quickly neutralizes the acid in stomach. The same can be achieved by having fennel in warm water or fennel tea. A better relief can be achieved if a teaspoon of crushed mint is added to warm water, left for around 30 minutes, and then consumed.

So always remember that simple checks on eating times and healthy food habits can save you from visiting a doctor for acidity. Eat healthy, stay healthy.

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