7 Yoga Poses to reduce obesity

It’s not longer a myth that yoga can make a person miraculously fit. Here are seven yoga poses specifically for people looking to control body weight or obesity.

Surya Namaskar has lived popular through the history and still rules at the top position as effective yoga pose to remain fit. Surya Namaskar is basically a sequence of twelve asanas combined as a salutation performed to greet the morning sun.

Pad-Hastasan basically has the two words leg and hand put together as exactly the pose requires the person performing this to bend and touch his feet with his hands. Though simple this pose is extremely effective.

Halasana is a pose were the person has to roll back on the ground such that his toes meet the ground as well as his hands stretched backwards. Breathing in this position is very therapeutic.

Badh-Padmasan requires the performer to sit in the popular lotus position and lean forward until his forehead touches the ground in front of him while his hands are locked behind.

Moving to slightly difficult ones bring us first to the popular Shirshasana in which the performer has to balance himself vertically upwards resting on ground with his head. This requires effort but is worth the result.

Matsyasana is an all-rounder which has many benefits and weight control is just one among them. Since this involves sitting in lotus position and arching back, people with back pain can probably avoid this one.

The last one is Matsyendrasana which must be learned an performed very carefully. This one is also has many benefits including weight control.

Try some of these from today, probably starting from the easy ones, to get a fit body.

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