Can Diabetes Patients Eat Jaggery?

Jaggery or gur is the traditional sweetener that is widely used in many Asian and African countries. Jaggery is considered a healthier alternative to refined sugar and dietitians often recommend adding jaggery to desserts instead of sugar. This is because the sweetener is unrefined and hence, it retains larger number of nutrients than the refined sugar. However, a lot of diabetics are often confused about the whether or not they can use it instead of sugar, which is beyond the scope of their diet. So what is the truth? Is jaggery really safe for diabetics or should it be shunned by diabetes patients altogether, along with sugar?To answer this question, we must look at the way jaggery is produced. Jaggery is made from either sugarcane or date palm. Traditionally, to make jaggery, raw sugarcane juice or date palm sap is boiled in large and shallow vessels. The residue left after the process is complete, is less refined than the crystallized sugar that you eat. Therefore, it has more nutrients than the refined product. You’re more likely to get sugarcane jaggery, which is more commonly available. But the nutrient profile of the sweetener notwithstanding, it is still very high in simple sugars.

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