Wheat Plum cake without Oven

This plum cake is easy delicious ,Moist , eggless cake made with whole whear flour  and lots of dry fruits and nuts soaked in orange juice prior adding to the batter…Usually this cake is prepared on occasion of Christmas  where the nuts and dry fruits are soaked in alcohol and baked… This version of mine is very easy to make and tasty , Alcohol free made with whole wheat flour…I have been searching for a best alcohol free recipe of this plum cake as my husband has been demanding this cake for long time.finslly I came across this recipe from a fellow blogger Ann jacob … I just followed it and came out perfect… even my in-laws on  their visit here loved it.My mom is not fond of any cakes and sweets but this time  on her birthday she was here with me I wanted to prepare some cake for her but she refused it not to bake anything for her but I wanted to bake something for her. I remeber one day she telling that she likes plum cakes.then I had no other choice just went on prepared it she just loved it.

This is one of tried and tested recipe I would say so easy to prepare and only thing id to soak the dry nuts in orzmge juice for minimum 6 hours..I feel it much healthy than other cake though it’s dense and rich cake with loads of nuts …I have tried so many times so thought I will share this with my viewers too… As this post took long to get published as I thought It would be better with the video ..finally it’s here yo get published as post..

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