Caffeine For Beauty

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Reaching out for a cup of fresh-brewed coffee in the morning is almost a ritual for most of us. While the steaming hot cup gives us that instant boost of energy to kick the morning blues and get the mind and body rejuvenated for another day of work, imbued with healthful nutrients and antioxidants, this beverage when used topically, also augments our skin and hair.

Coffee powder or extract is obtained from the Coffea arabica or Coffea robusta trees come from the Rubiaceae family. Although the tree is native to Africa, Madagascar, Mauritius, and Comoros, over time the trees are being cultivated in more than 70 countries around the world. The coffee beans which are usually small, oval and dark brown in colour are handpicked, dried and processed to get the powder. It is this powder or the concentrated extract that is used in several pharmaceutical and beauty industries to formulate tablets, capsules or beauty products.

Although some researches might show altercations due to extreme coffee or caffeine addictions, when consumed in adequate quantities, this granulated brown powder offers innumerable health benefits. Being a rich source of antioxidants, it not only empowers the body with energy but also used to improve cognitive abilities, reduce the risk of cancer, manage diabetes, remedy liver problems and curb insomnia and depression.

With the growing use of herbs and natural products in the beauty industry, coffee beans too, have gained the repute as an alternative remedy for various skin and hair woes. Right from scrubs, gels, face masks, creams, shampoos and serum, coffee beans and extracts obtained from coffee have paved its way into all. Thanks to the high content of antioxidants and flavonoids, coffee-based products not only help in rejuvenating the skin but also shed cellulite, brighten the complexion, reduce inflammation and induce hair growth.

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